lambda/lambda repo synced with jdk8/jdk8

Mike Duigou Mike.Duigou at
Tue Jan 29 20:24:03 PST 2013

Hello Lambdastructors;

As there is a new preview release of Java 8 with lambda expected shortly I have synced the lambda repos with the jdk8 mainline repos. The langtools repo is separately synced from the other lambda repos and I am unsure when Maurizio plans to next sync up. That's the perils of working on opposite sides of the world--I can't just ask him and get an immediate response. Currently doclint is disabled in the lambda/lambda repos awaiting the next langtools syncup.

Important to note in this syncup:
- Tests for lambda functionality are now appearing in the jdk/test directory. Eventually all lambda library tests will move from jdk/test-ng directory.
- Many of the JSR166 JEP#155 impelementation are now exactly the same as the mainline. We don't expect to see further lambda repo updates of these classes *except* via jdk8 syncups (and possibly bug fixes if we ever get impatient).
- The lambda repo contains some renamings such as Block -> Consumer and XXXOperator.operateAsXXX -> XXXOperator.applyAsXXX

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