hg: lambda/lambda/jdk: Fix for bugs

paul.sandoz at oracle.com paul.sandoz at oracle.com
Wed Jul 24 11:44:24 PDT 2013

Changeset: ac551624d8b7
Author:    psandoz
Date:      2013-07-24 19:44 +0100
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/lambda/lambda/jdk/rev/ac551624d8b7

Fix for bugs
TreeMap.entrySet().spliterator() reports SORTED + null comparator but the elements are not Comparable
TreeMap.values().spliterator() does not report ORDERED

! src/share/classes/java/util/TreeMap.java
+ test/java/util/Spliterator/SpliteratorCharacteristics.java

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