Optional -> OptionalResult

Mark Derricutt mark at talios.com
Wed Jun 5 03:32:09 PDT 2013

I don't want to nitpick, but Map<Option<List<Foo>>>  isn't even a valid type for Map<K,V>, the least your have would be Map<K,Option<List<Foo>>, IMHO this would actually be valid in the case where you need to disambiguate an empty list, from NO list.

However, if Map had a method that returned an Optional<V>  if the value from absent from the map, say Map#find, Map#getOptional or Map#getResult you could train developers into not putting Optionals directly in the map to start with.

Something like:

   String name = map.getResult("firstName").or("");

reads quite well.

Jed Wesley-Smith wrote:
> Map<Option<List<Foo>>>  is clearly a straw-man. It does not make any sense
> to have a Map that has an optional key,

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