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Huge Summer Clearance on all Cars


The White House says President Obama would veto a Republican bill that 
would effectively shut down the National Labor Relations Board until certain 
conditions are met.Republicans have claimed the board is illegitimate since 
an appeals court panel ruled in January that Obama violated the Constitution 
when he bypassed the Senate to fill vacancies on the board.House Republicans 
are expected to vote this week to prevent the board from conducting 
business until the Senate confirms new members constituting a quorum or 
the Supreme Court decides the board has the authority to act. The 
bill isn't expected to gain traction in the Senate.The White House says 
that the bill would hurt the middle class and jeopardize workers' rights. 
The administration argues Obama's appointments were constitutional and valid.
ercent surveillance of the entire border, and apprehending 
90 percent of border crossers or would-be crossers -- or getting them 
to turn back to Mexico -- in sectors where the majority of 
unauthorized entries take place.As of the end of the 2010 fiscal year, 
the Department of Homeland Security reported achieving some level of operational 
control of 44 percent of the nearly 2,000-mile border, according to a 
Government Accountability Office report this year. Operational control was 
defined as the ability to detect and respond to cross-border illegal activity.In 
one border sector cited by GAO, the busy Tucson sector, 64 percent 
of people who managed to make it across the border were apprehended 
in 2011, while 23 percent turned back to Mexico and 13 percent 
got away. That meant the sector stopped or turned back 87 percent 
of crossers, close to the 90 percent level sought by the legislation.The 
new goals would be achieved by giving the Department of Homeland Security 
six months from the bill's enactment to create a new border security 
plan deploying the personnel, infrastructure and technology needed to achieve 
the 90 percent effectiveness rate. Also within six months, the department 
would have to create a plan to identify where new fencing is 
needed on the border. Once those plans are certified, people living here 
illegally could begin to apply for a provisional status allowing them to 
work here legally.If the 90 percent rate of apprehensio

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