Code review request: JDK-8008670 (partial implementation)

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Tue Mar 19 14:19:48 PDT 2013

On Mar 12 2013, at 06:51 , Paul Sandoz wrote:
>> - <tt></tt> should be replace with {@code}
> It is mostly consistent with the rest of the Map documentation. We should do a global replace in that case?

We are incrementally updating the source with this change. Nobody is going out of their way to fix it but "while you're in the neighborhood.

>> - ::computeIfAbsent()/computeIfPresent()/compute() - "key with which the specified value is to be associated" -> derived value.
> Perhaps the above three merit a separate discussion. Raise in a separate email thread?

I had misunderstood that the Map changes were part of this review (no harm done). We can address this as part of the review of JDK-8010122

> You know off any tests that can be reused?

I started to look for ConcurrentMap tests but found not enough. We have a gap here.


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