Characteristics of an empty spliterator

Dmitry Bessonov dmitry.bessonov at
Tue Mar 26 03:55:07 PDT 2013


I wonder what are the expected characteristics of empty spliterators?
Having SIZED and not having INFINITE is logical.

What about SUBSIZED characteristic
which the current implementation gives to an empty spliterator?

      * Characteristic value signifying that this, and all Spliterators
      * resulting from {@code trySplit()}, as well as any that they in
      * turn split, are {@link #SIZED}.  .......
     public static final int SUBSIZED = 0x00010000;

Current behavior of method trySplit() of an empty spliterator
indicates that it could not be ever split.
So this seems like a spec contradiction.

May it make sense to specify characteristics of an empty spliterator 


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