Another appeal to fix Function.compose

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Wed Mar 27 17:24:35 PDT 2013


Sorry for the delay. There was no great debate just many, many fish to be fried.

To those already using Function.compose()--we apologize in advance for breaking your code with this change.


On Mar 26 2013, at 04:52 , Jed Wesley-Smith wrote:

> Previously I have appealed to the lambda-dev community to fix the
> semantics of the Function::compose method to fall into line with all
> other languages and mathematic's general understanding of function
> composition.
> In most languages, and in most maths texts, function composition is
> presented as:
> f . g
> or
> f composed with g
> where function composition is the application of one function to the
> results of another.
> In other words, the semantics of composition of f and g is:
> f(g(_)) or: f applied to the result of g applied to the argument.
> As it currently stands, f.compose(g)* has the opposite semantics; it
> says that the f will be applied first _and then_ g will be applied,
> ie:
> g(f(_)) or: g applied to the result of f applied to the argument.
> There is a perfectly good name for this combinator: andThen.
> While I totally understand why to the OO developer "f compose g" may
> feel like g(f(_)) or f.andThen(g), there is a significant prior work
> that defines it the other way. To go against that is merely arbitrary
> and contrariwise.
> So, my belated appeal is to fall in line with the standard definition
> of compose, or to rename the current combinator andThen.
> cheers,
> jed.
> *

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