easier work with collections: default Stream.toList?

Paulo Silveira paulo.silveira at caelum.com.br
Tue May 7 14:47:26 PDT 2013

Hello Brian and lambda developers.

Given a List<User> users, before the API  'streamification' we could do:

List<user> filteredList = users.filter(p -> p.getPoints() > 50);

After the API streamification, things got bigger:

users.stream().filter(p -> p.getPoints() > 50).collect(Collectors.toList());

I do understand the benefits from the API, but it could be easier with
some default methods on Stream:

users.stream().filter(p -> p.getPoints() > 50).toList() (or collectToList())

I am aware that you want to avoid trivial default methods, but these
ones could help a lot. It is a strange argument, but new programmers
are much more attracted to use and study methods which are easy to
invoke. A Collector is not a 'user friendly' interface, and there will
be no big clues to the Collectors factory when a developer is
exploring the api through an IDE.

The best of all worlds (at least for lazy programmers such as me)
would be to have a default Collection.filter/map/... that delegates to
stream().filter/map/.collect(intoX()), making the old api approach
available. 0 chance?


Paulo Silveira

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