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Sent by mistake. The actual question is this.

The code in the previous mail works but when I use 'R' language this is 
accomplished by this line.

y <- apply( y, 1, function(z) str_extract(z,"Current.*?[/|]"))

I can again operate on the data structure like this.

z <- str_extract_all(y,"[0-9]+(/,|/|)")

I think this is possible using Streams and filters.

How should I use these lines without defining new Functional interfaces ?

        Scanner s = new Scanner( data );


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Date:   11/27/2013 11:57 AM
Subject:        Basic functional style question


This is a question from a user. I am trying to jdk 8 to parse a file and 
apply a regex on it.

public class GCLogParser {

    private void readFile() throws IOException {

        Stream<String> s = Files.lines(get(("D:\\GC 
Analysis\\usage.txt")), UTF_8);
        s.forEach( this::parse  );

    public static void parseDocument(  Parseable parser,
 String data){
    private void parse( String data ){

        Scanner s = new Scanner( data );

    public static void main( String... argv ) throws IOException {
        new GCLogParser().readFile();

    public interface Parseable{
         void apply( String s);

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