MumbleCloseable goes backward

Remi Forax forax at
Thu Jun 27 03:30:40 PDT 2013

sent again but with words in proper order (I hope :)

A Stream should not be AutoClosable or MaybeCloseable, or 
MaybeMaybeNotCloseable ...
Using a TWR here goes in the wrong direction, the Stream API is fluent, 
from left to right and
the TWR is right to left, you have to declare a local variable and type 
it (again unlike the Stream API).

So instead of:
   try (Stream<Path> stream = Files.walkFile(directory)) {
     stream.forEach(path -> {
which is an external way to manage the resources.

We should promote the internal way to manage the resources, like the 
rest of the Stream API,
so walkFile should be written to take a lambda as a Function<Stream, R>, 
like this:
   Files.walkFile(directory, stream -> stream.forEach(path -> {
with the TWR written around the call to the function inside walkFile.

so there is *no need* for a MumbleCloseable.


On 06/25/2013 03:04 AM, Brian Goetz wrote:


>   try (Stream s = {
>     s.forEach(...);
>   }
> instead of
>       .filter(...)
>       .map(...)
>       .forEach(...);

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