Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Sun Jun 30 07:37:13 PDT 2013

>> Bikeshed opportunity: should the annotation be nested or at top level?
> I think nested, but if so, it seems cruel to give it such a long name:
> @MayHoldCloseableResource.DefinitelyHoldsCloseableResource
> So the remaining bikeshed opportunity is what's shorter
> but still crystal-clear? We probably can't get away with
> just:
> @MayHoldCloseableResource.Yes
> Any ideas?

The spectre of static imports really makes these decisions much harder. 
  In a world without static import, "Yes" is pretty close to the right 
answer.  But with the risk of doofii static-importing everything by 
default (do the default settings of Eclipse still nag you to do this?) 
@Yes will look stupid, which means that nested names should be designed 
with some expectation that they might be static imported.  Which is what 
brought me to the idea of non-nested here.

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