Comparator/Comparators API change proposal

Henry Jen henry.jen at
Mon Jun 3 18:13:16 PDT 2013

On Jun 3, 2013, at 5:07 PM, Michael Hixson <michael.hixson at> wrote:

> Hi Henry,
> 1. Does this code throw an NPE?  It's not clear from the docs.
>  int result = Comparators
>      .nullsFirst(c1)
>      .thenComparing(c2)
>      .compare(null, null);

It should return 0; otherwise, it's a bug.

> 2. How did you decide which static methods should live on Comparator
> versus Comparators?

Good question, it can be confusing.

The (compromised) idea is that commonly-use constructor-like factory method will be in Comparator; Otherwise, in Comparators. Anything take a Comparator to return a comparator(i.e. combinator) should be in Comparators with the exception of comparing(Function, Comparator).

I would like to hear if there are better suggestions.

> 3. There are a couple of awkward-sounding parts in the docs, e.g. "Try
> to compare null with returned comparator will throw
> NullPointerException."  Do you want me (and/or others) to suggest
> concrete changes here, in this thread?

I am open for suggestions. Thanks for reviewing.


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