Loose ends inventory

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Mon Jun 10 16:21:10 PDT 2013

Here's where things stand on the loose ends.  When replying, PLEASE 
separate into one mail per item, and change subject line!

>  - Additional tweaking on range generators

This seems mostly converged; we've added rangeClosed() to range(), 
eliminated the descending and step range support, dropped double ranges, 
and dropped the proposal for ints() / longs() static methods.  At the 
same time, we renamed the instance ints() / longs() / doubles() methods 
to asXxxStream().

>  - Support for state-based cancelation (e.g., cancelWhen(BooleanSupplier))

Sad to let this one go, but it seems unlikely to make the cut.

>  - Support for content-based limiting (takeWhile, skipUntil)

Sam will be sad to let this one go, but it seems unlikely to make the cut.

> - Post-transform on Collector, and related Collectors tweaks.

Still working on this, stay tuned.

> - Support for primitive stream concatenation

Seems settled.

> - zip

I think this one is heading for the YAGNI bin.

>  - Additional static or default methods on standard SAMs?

What is currently in the jdk8 repositories is as far as I think we need 
to go here; a very small number of static and default methods on 
Function and friends.

> Point lambdafications
>  - Gotta be more of these?

We added Ben Evans' regex splitAsStream().

>  - Optional.{filter,map,flatMap}

Proposal under discussion.

>  - Moving stream() / parallelStream() to Iterable

Proposal under discussion.

>  - Comparators

Proposal under discussion.

>  - Rename Spliterators.iteratorFromSpliterator to iterator.

Seems settled.

>  - Pull up forEachRemaining from PrimitiveIterator.OfXxx into
PrimitiveIterator, a la Spliterator.OfPrimitive.

Seems settled.

>  - Add A[] toArray(IntFunction<A[]> generator) to Collection.

Got stalled.

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