Point lambdafications in java.io

Remi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Tue Jun 18 12:49:34 PDT 2013

On 06/18/2013 09:22 PM, Brian Goetz wrote:
> I am not sure we have the same understanding of the word "can't" :) 
> This is definitely a valid concern (thanks for raising it!), but it's 
> a long way from there to "can't."

I you prefer, you can translate "can't" to "It will be very annoying at 
least 1,643,467 developers*".

> I have to assume this warning is not enabled by default in most IDEs?

Wrong assumption :)
It's enabled by default in the current release of Eclipse 3.7/4.2 (the 
one released last year).

* Eclipse 4.2 direct download counter

> On 6/18/2013 2:30 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
>> On 06/18/2013 06:05 PM, Brian Goetz wrote:
>>> Should we consider moving AutoCloseable up to Stream and friends, and
>>> get rid of CloseableStream?
>> We can't, IDE and other static analysis tools emit a warning if you
>> don't close an AutoCloseable
>> (with a try-with-resources or not).
>> Rémi

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