Stream is AutoCloseable, Stream.onClose

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Fri Jun 21 09:26:08 PDT 2013

> I like the benefits, though I think the onClose name is confusing.
> In many frameworks, the onError/onExit/onEvent naming style is reserved
> for method names in callback interfaces.  It is the prevalent convention
> currently.  So I'd expect onClose() to be the method that is called-back
> upon closing.

After reflection, I think this concern, while valid, may be overblown.

In a functional system, it is totally natural to treat "onXxx(f)" as 
"run function f on Xxx".  For example:

   new Window()

I think if someone saw this code, they would not be confused at all; its 
very clear what is going on.

In a purely functional system, all the onXxx would take a function.  In 
a purely OO system, all the onXxx would be methods that get called at 
the appropriate time.  Confusion would come only if we mixed the two 
"too much".  Its not obvious what the granularity at which it becomes 
too much, but "within the same abstraction" might be a reasonable place 
to draw that line.

If there were an alternative that didn't completely suck, I'd be open to 
that.  (So far, though, no such alternative has emerged.)

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