JVMS changes for default methods

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at oracle.com
Mon Oct 8 11:03:46 PDT 2012

Part G of the EDR2 specification proposes changes to JVMS 4.6, 5.4, and 
6.5. These changes apply only to ClassFiles of version 52.0 and higher. 
This fact must be noted explicitly in the proposed text for each section.

This notation is especially important because 335's changes are subtle: 
they affect multiple sections which have not been version-specific 
before. In contrast, most JSRs (for example, 308) need only to add 
attributes and so can update JVMS 4.7 in the obvious way.

With regard to the RI of JSR 335, please note that bugs 7054340 and 
7054345 at bugs.sun.com track treatment of v52.0 ClassFiles by javac and 
Hotspot. I think it would be appropriate to add some JSR 335 color to 
those bugs, as I have done for JSR 308.


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