git: openjdk/lanai: 2 new changesets

duke duke at
Thu Apr 30 14:39:06 UTC 2020

Changeset: 188106be
Author:    Jayathirth D V <jdv at>
Date:      2020-04-30 20:03:36 +0000

8242557: Add length limit for strings in PNGImageWriter

Reviewed-by: prr, psadhukhan

! src/java.desktop/share/classes/com/sun/imageio/plugins/png/
+ test/jdk/javax/imageio/plugins/png/

Changeset: ef98db1d
Author:    duke <duke at>
Date:      2020-04-30 14:38:17 +0000

Automatic merge of client:master into master

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