Martin Sustrik's Structured Concurrency Talk in FOSDEM'19

Martin Sustrik sustrik at
Tue Feb 5 17:06:15 UTC 2019


Thanks to Volkan for pointing me to this mailing list. Frankly, I 
haven't been even aware that structured concurrency is discussed in Java 

What about setting up a mailing list to connect people dealing with it 
in different languages? As far as I know it's at least C, Python, Kotlin 
& Swift that implement some variant of it. Java, Go (there was a 
proposal to add it to Go2 with "needs more discussion" status) and Nim 
people are thinking about it. That sounds like quite a few people that 
it would be interesting to talk to.


> On 05/02/2019 10:36, Volkan Yazıcı wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I personally find it a lost opportunity to see none of the Loom hackers (I
> > am looking at you Ron, Alan, and Remi) attended to Martin Sustrik's talk on
> > structured concurrency given you refer to him in your presentations[1]. A
> > hallway discussion could have been quite fruitful. Nevertheless, Martin's
> > > talk is recorded and made available online[2].
> Thanks for the link.  With >700 events and >60 tracks it is very easy 
> to
> miss talks and people. Also I see this one was in the Lighting Talk 
> room
> which makes it harder again to spot. But yes, learning from the
> experiences with Python Trio and libdill is important for this project.
> -Alan

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