Rhino on bsd-port/osx-port OpenJDK 7

Mark Derricutt mark at talios.com
Tue Aug 23 09:42:42 PDT 2011


I was one of people asking Henri about the lack, the problem I was facing is
that upstream rhino doesn't include the javax.scripting extensions for

I had heard somewhere that Mozilla didn't accept Suns changes into their
mainline branch for reasons unknown but that was prior to being opensourced.

Henri - I did just remember about http://scripting.dev.java.net from a few
years ago that I think was maintaining a large set of javax.scripting
bridges, possibly even rhino so I'll take a look at that when I fully wake
up in a few hours.

It would be a shame if this wasnt available longterm, I remember for a while
the Apple jdk also didn't include rhino and broke our code.

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On Aug 24, 2011 1:29 AM, "Dalibor Topic" <dalibor.topic at oracle.com> wrote:
> On 8/23/11 3:12 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:
>>>>> AFAIK, these classes are a part of Oracle JDK7, but not OpenJDK7, and
>>>>> therefore are not included to BSD/MacOSX ports.
>>>> Part of Oracle JDK ? Does it means, they aren't available to OS/X /
>>>> FreeBDS users ?
>>> You can find Rhino here: https://www.mozilla.org/rhino/
>> I know for Rhino, question was about sun/org/mozilla/javascript
>> classes not bundled in BSD/OSX build.
>> Did there is a special trick in Oracle builds (Windows / Linux), to
>> get them bundled with OpenJDK 7 ?
> Like some other open source components (VisualVM, for example), they
> are not included in the OpenJDK source code. If you need them, you
> can get them from their upstream.
> A good idea tends to be to move the org.mozilla.javascript classes
> to a different namespace to avoid clashes with a user-supplied
> rhino.jar, like sun.org.mozilla.javascript.
> cheers,
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