7141462: ProblemList.txt updates to exclude tests that cause test runs to hang [macosx]

Michael McMahon michael.x.mcmahon at oracle.com
Wed Feb 1 02:01:40 PST 2012

On 31/01/12 20:50, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Currently it's not possible to run some of the test targets that run 
> the tests in agentvm mode, in particular the jdk_util and jdk_nio make 
> file targets can cause jtreg to hang. I've looked briefly into these 
> issues and see that there are at least three separate issues:
> 1. Asynchronous close of FileChannel operations as this is not fully 
> implemented on Mac, in particular dup2 will hang if another thread is 
> doing a blocking operation
> 2. A rouge test spins doing System.gc (this test is fixed in jdk8, 
> just not back-ported jdk7u).
> 3. A strange hang loading libawt when 
> Class.forName("<some-awt-class>") triggers the load.
> In order to make some progress I would like the test that cause these 
> issues to the ProblemList. All it means is that they excluded when 
> running the tests via the Makefile. The webrev with the changes is here:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alanb/7141462/webrev/
> Thanks,
> Alan.
So, these tests relate to issues 1. and 2. above, and we still need to 
resolve 3 ?

This change looks fine.


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