7141462: ProblemList.txt updates to exclude tests that cause test runs to hang [macosx]

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Wed Feb 1 02:38:53 PST 2012

On 01/02/2012 10:01, Michael McMahon wrote:
> So, these tests relate to issues 1. and 2. above, and we still need to 
> resolve 3 ?
> This change looks fine.
Yes, the four libs tests that are excluded by the patch is necessary as 
otherwise we can't run the tests via the make file (testing in JPRT will 
hang, etc.). Once the Mac changes are in jdk7u-dev then I think we have 
consider back-porting the Makefile changes that switch the testing to 
use agentvm mode.

I'm not sure what to say about the AWT hang as it impacts test in random 
areas (jdk_util and jdk_misc batches for example). Many of us will run 
the tests on machines that we've ssh'ed into and this seems to be part 
of the issue. I would be interested in hear from the client folks as to 
what this is about and whether AWT_TOOLKIT=XToolkit is an effective 


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