Bundled app launcher changes

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Wed Feb 1 09:06:54 PST 2012

[re-sending to list… coffee hasn't kicked in yet]

> There should be a way to add a number of jars to the classpath, which will implicitly get copied into (bundle)/Contents/Java. Is that just by adding more <jarfile/> tags? Should there be an affordance for specifying non-jar/non-classpath resources that should also get copied into (bundle)/Contents/Java? It may make sense to provide a <resource/> tag for art or other Mac-specific resources to be copied into (bundle).app/Contents/Resources. Or perhaps just a <copy/> tag that takes a source and a destination.
> I'm also not wild about the tag name <bundlejars/>. That may be ambiguous with some sort of jar coalescing. Perhaps <createapp/>, or <bundleapp/>. Any other suggestions?
> I know you can't support this on non-Mac builders, but you should definitely plan to provide a codesigncert= argument which will sign the primary stub executable with a provided certificate. This will be Very Important to some developers.

And a corresponding entitlements plist file entry…


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