Mac OS X port - update

Mike Swingler swingler at
Fri Feb 3 16:41:08 PST 2012

Xcode has never installed Java, so you will still need some form of Java to get the build going, but that doesn't mean it can't be OpenJDK itself.

There is still the issue that the only place to get the "current" JavaRuntimeSupport.framework headers is from the Apple Java package, however now that 10.7.3 is shipped to customers, we would like to get the current headers into the 10.7 SDK which is shipped with Xcode. After that, OpenJDK 7 should be able to bootstrap itself on a clean 10.7.3 machine, with no Apple Java installed.

Exciting times,
Mike Swingler
Apple Inc.

On Feb 3, 2012, at 2:17 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:

> Sorry, I just found out that the new Xcode has no JDK at all, so an Apple JDK is still needed. I guess it just does not matter which one should be installed first now.
> -Max
> On 02/03/2012 05:06 PM, Weijun Wang wrote:
>> A question:
>> The wiki does not mention install Apple JDK after Xcode for 10.7.3. Does
>> this mean the step is not necessary anymore.
>> So the yellow background text can be removed now?
>> Thanks
>> Max
>> On 02/03/2012 04:32 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:
>>> Very good news, I'll add a new build process on
>>> for openjdk-osx-build
>>> project.
>>> Stay tuned
>>> 2012/2/3 Kirk Pepperdine<kirk at>:
>>>> +1
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Kirk
>>>> On 2012-02-03, at 1:24 AM, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>>>>> This is very cool news. As an observer watching the sheer number of
>>>>> commits fly past I'd just like to thank the effort of all of the
>>>>> engineers involved more getting the OpenJDK story on the Mac to this
>>>>> stage, it's been seriously impressive to watch.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Martijn<One happy OpenJDK 7 Mac user>
>>>>> On 2 February 2012 22:32, Edvard
>>>>> Wendelin<edvard.wendelin at> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> As you might have noticed, 7u-osx [1] was pushed to 7u-dev [2]
>>>>>> yesterday. There will be a build from 7u-dev today that QA will run
>>>>>> Pre-integration testing on. During the coming week, we will make
>>>>>> sure that any potential quirks found in 7u-dev as a result of the
>>>>>> osx integration are fixed before next weeks (Thu 9th) build
>>>>>> promotion. This means that from next week on the regular promotions
>>>>>> will contain OS X bundles just like the other platforms. We will
>>>>>> soon also make the jdk7u-osx [1] forest read only. All fixes
>>>>>> related to the Mac OS X port should from now on go through
>>>>>> jdk7u-dev [2] and jdk7u-dev at
>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>> Edvard
>>>>>> [1]
>>>>>> [2]

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