Review request for 7142780: [macosx] Font2DTest demo throws NPE

Alexander Zuev alexander.zuev at
Mon Feb 6 05:02:00 PST 2012

Looks fine to me.

On 2/6/12 12:07, Andrew Brygin wrote:
> Hello,
> please take a look to a fix for CR 7142780:
> The Font2DTest creates a bogus image in order to get a blank cursor
> (, lines 495 - 498). This image can not be loaded and 
> triggers
> an error when MediaTracker tries to prepare the image. As soon as the 
> error
> is detected, the conversion of toolkit image to CImage is aborted, and 
> the
> CImage.Creator.createFromImage returns null. So, 
> CCustomCursor.getImageData
> need to be modified in order to be able to handle a null result of the 
> createFormImage.
> However, in order to avoid numerous calls to createFromImage in case 
> of faulty
> image, we can check the status of image loading in the constructor, 
> and set a flag
> to indicate whether given image can be used as a cursor.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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