os.arch "amd64" or "x86_64"?

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at oracle.com
Mon Feb 6 15:14:09 PST 2012

BTW, there's an open bug for this one also:

7130404 [macosx] "os.arch" value should be "x86_64" for compatibility 
with Apple

Jim is working on 7130404...


> We should match the value used by Apple's Java 6 runtime to avoid
> any unnecessary compatibility problems with programs that currently
> run on Apple's Java 6...
> Also, Oracle's RE group has been migrating away from using 'amd64'
> to using 'x64'. Currently, 'amd64' in the promoted binaries and
> bundles directories is a symbolic link to the 'x64' directories.
> Dan
>> Following from the last message, I just want to get opinions on this 
>> question.
>> Currently, the os.arch system property is set to "amd64" in common 
>> with the
>> other platforms (solaris, windows and Linux) when running on an 
>> amd64/x86_64 CPU.
>> However, the property is set to "x86_64" in Apple's Java 6 runtime.
>> So, the question is, what/if any compatibility issues could there be, 
>> if we maintain
>> this behavior? On the other hand there probably should be a good 
>> reason to change it
>> so it's different from the other 64 bit platforms.
>> Thanks,
>> Michael.

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