Request for review: 7124543 [macosx] Horizontal scrolling doesn't work

Sergey Bylokhov sergey.bylokhov at
Tue Feb 7 23:53:08 PST 2012

07.02.2012 23:45, Anthony Petrov пишет:
> Hi Sergey,
> On 2/7/2012 10:31 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>> - Now we take into account native horizontal scroll event and invert 
>> the SHIFT modifier state.
> It looks like with your fix you actually add the SHIFT modifier almost 
> unconditionally at line 102 in, rather than 
> invert it. It will even be added for regular vertical scrolling 
> events. Is this correct?
We post vertical scroll event in line 97. And in line 102 we post 
horizontal event only.
The rules for horizontal scrolling:
1 If shift modifier was not set by the user we should use native 
horizontal deltaX
2 If shift modifier was set by the user we should use vertical 
deltaY,but if it equal to 0.0 we should use horizontal deltaX.
3 Shift modifier should always be set before event post.

> Also, if an argument list of a method spans several lines we usually 
> tend to insert a line break before the opening '{' for better readability.
I just strictly follow the rules from sun java codeconv. Most(if not 
all) of our peers on mac use this conversion.
> It would be great to follow this formatting practice with this fix as 
> well. (No need to reformat everything, just those methods which 
> prototypes you've already modified with your fix.)
> -- 
> best regards,
> Anthony
>> - scrollAmount was changed from 3 to 1 to be closer to apple jdk 6.
>> - small cleanup.
>> Bug:
>> Webrev can be found at: 

Best regards, Sergey.

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