Review request for 7142565 - [macosx] Many special keys processed twice in text fields

Anton V. Tarasov anton.tarasov at
Wed Feb 8 08:07:19 PST 2012

On 2/8/12 1:35 PM, Anthony Petrov wrote:
> Hi Anton,
> The fix looks fine.
> Unless there are consistency considerations, you could move the 
> declaration of the static variable into the method's body to localize 
> the logic around this not-retained object pointer (and avoid adding 
> any comments about that, too.) I'll leave this up to you and other 
> reviewers.
I put it to the top anticipating comments like you got for your fix 
(which I looked at).  But ok, let's narrow the scope.

> -- 
> best regards,
> Anthony
> On 2/8/2012 1:49 PM, Anton V. Tarasov wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Please review a fix for 7142565.
>> webrev:
>> Key-equivalent events (typically with modifiers, but not only) are 
>> delivered to NSWindow with
>> performKeyEquivalent: The latter always returns NO (to let NSWindow 
>> process system key events like
>> Cmd+Q). According to the spec "if a key-equivalent is not recognized, 
>> NSWindow sends it as an
>> NSKeyDown event to the first responder". (However, it doesn't send 
>> NSKeyDown for Control-key
>> events.)
>> Instead of inspecting a key-equivalent event to determine if it 
>> should be propagated further or not,
>> another simple workaround is suggested. It's to store a pointer to 
>> the latest processed key event in
>> AWTView and compare the current event to the previous one. In case 
>> the event objects are the same,
>> ignore the second (current) one.
>> Thanks,
>> Anton.

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