No text when using an MB Pro?

Bucic Vanja vanjab at
Thu Feb 9 07:32:08 PST 2012

I have been seeing this behavior for a long time, when using Netbeans. 
Everything that would draw a string would draw a blank, and sometimes it would take some time to encounter a trigger that would make it all go blank. Once it goes blank it never recovers.
I made an attempt to figure it out, but was unsuccessful. 

This was on a MacPro1,1 with a dual monitor setup.

On Feb 9, 2012, at 1:08 AM, Scott Kovatch wrote:

> Folks,
> Has anyone else encountered the problem of text not being drawn in Swing apps on a MacBook Pro? Frequently this happens after running on an external monitor but then disconnecting it and using the MBP's display. Now and then it happens even after I reboot with no monitor connected.
> I would file a bug, but unfortunately this keeps me from using Bugster right now. :-\ I will try some kind of web-based system in the morning.
> -- Scott K.
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