RFR 7142950: jdk7u cannot bootstrap Mac OS build [macosx]

Michael McMahon michael.x.mcmahon at oracle.com
Thu Feb 9 13:59:47 PST 2012



This is an updated webrev based on the contribution/suggestion from 
Scott Kovatch.
It changes the build image directories on Mac, to have the same 
format/directory structure
as the other platforms (ie. it removes the Contents/Home stuff). That 
directory structure
required by Mac bundles is now generated in specific bundle directories 
and these
are used by the install. A consequence of this change is that anyone who 
has adjusted
scripts that used the built j2sdk-image, or j2re-image to know about the 
mac specific paths will have to change
that back again.

This version of the change is almost agnostic on the "os.arch" setting. 
The only dependency
is on 'src/macosx/bin/amd64/jvm.cfg'. That will have to be renamed to 
when 'os.arch' is changed. No other change is required.

With this change, jdk only, and incremental builds should work again.
If you are using the previous output from a control build as bootstrap 
or import jdk
for a subsequent jdk only build, then it is possible you could run into 
the build problem
described in 6967648. The workaround is to rename the top-level build 
directory to some
other name before doing the jdk build.


On 06/02/12 23:21, Scott Kovatch wrote:
> On Feb 6, 2012, at 2:31 PM, Michael McMahon wrote:
>> There are a few problems with the Mac build at the moment.
>> 1. If SKIP_BOOT_CYCLE=false then the build fails, due to two problems:-
>>     1) top level Makefile doesn't know about Mac OS image directory 
>> structure
>>     2) it also fails due to problem 2. below
>> 2. General bootstrapping problem. The build currently cannot use 
>> itself as
>>     the bootstrap JDK due to an assumption in the framework classes that
>>     "os.arch" is x86_64, whereas we currently set it to amd64. The 
>> change is to
>>     fix that code to expect amd64. There is a related question then 
>> about what the
>>     correct value for os.arch should be. I'd like to raise this in a 
>> separate discussion
>>     and hopefully fix these build problems independently of that.
> I was going to propose that we fix the image directory issues by 
> building into the image directories the same way on all platforms and 
> have the mac build copy the image directories into j2sdk-bundle. 
> (7133768) I'm pretty sure that even with this change you can't build 
> rt.jar because the jar tool gets moved out from underneath the running 
> build when the bundle is constructed.
> I don't think your changes would interfere with my proposed fix for 
> 7133768, though. And, the other changes for generating the folder name 
> dynamically are very much welcome.
> -- Scott K.
> ----------------------------------------
> Scott Kovatch
> scott.kovatch at oracle.com
> Santa Clara/Pleasanton, CA

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