Bundled app launcher changes

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at oracle.com
Sat Feb 11 03:27:15 PST 2012

>> And then you can easily can add support for frameworks by supporting one more attribute:
>>     <resources type="framework">
>>         <fileset basedir="Sparkle.src" includes="**"/>
>>     </resources>
> This model does feel like more "native ant", but as Greg is implementing this, I'd leave it up to him if he felt that this could be quickly implementable by subclassing the built-in ant copy task classes.

Just to clarify - the current task is itself "native Ant". In other words, I didn't do anything outside of the bounds of what can be done with any other Ant task. <classpath> simply refers to a collection of FileSets. Anything you can do with a file set in any other Ant task can also be done here.


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