os.arch "amd64" or "x86_64"?

Claudio Nieder private at claudio.ch
Tue Feb 14 03:50:58 PST 2012


amd64 also breaks this test in JObjC:

    private static Arch getArch(){
        String arch = System.getProperty("os.arch");
        if("ppc".equals(arch)) return Arch.ppc;
        if("i386".equals(arch)) return Arch.i386;
        if("x86_64".equals(arch)) return Arch.x86_64;
        if("universal".equals(arch)) return Arch.x86_64;
        throw new RuntimeException("Did not recognize os.arch system property: '" + arch + "'");

But when testing for an arch, would it make sense to include also amd64 just to be safe?

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