Request for review: 7124223: [macosx] Regression test failure with new exception, when glyph is positioned explicitly

Andrew Brygin andrew.brygin at
Tue Feb 14 11:48:30 PST 2012


  there is a small fix for a regression test failure.

  Note that PathGrapics uses a glyph codes as a indexes in an array
  in order to provide a mapping from glyph codes back to unicode
  characters. So, it assumes that glyph code is not negative.

  However it is not true in case of macosx: if there is no glyph
  in a font for some character, then macosx font support machinery
  returns negative unicode char in order to indicate that this char
  requires a substitution (CoreTextSupport.m, lines 92 - 126).

  Suggested fix just ignores negative glyph codes in PathGrapics.



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