Request for review: 7124552 [macosx] NullPointerException in getBufferStrategy()

Alexander Potochkin Alexander.Potochkin at
Wed Feb 15 03:39:06 PST 2012

Hello Sergey


I don't think you can work withVolatileImage as with an ordinary Image,
you take a buffer and then draw it to the graphics
when the buffer may be already expired.

look at RepaintManager.PaintManager.paint()

it tries to repaint the image if its content is lost,
after the fixed amount of attempts it falls back to the BufferedImage

Here is a good blog about using VolatileImage

LWWindowPeer - it would be better to move the comment to the method's 


> Hi Everyone,
> This is the first implementation for canvas backbuffer. npe was 
> eliminated.
> Bug:
> Webrev can be found at: 

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