Java 7 for Mac OSX

Paul Hohensee paul.hohensee at
Sun Feb 19 06:30:25 PST 2012

There won't be a 32-bit version for 7u4, since it's too late in the release
cycle to produce or test one.  Whether there will be one for 7u6 is under

We hope to ship 7u4 native libraries as universal binaries containing only
64-bit code instead of pure 64-bit binaries, with the makefiles set up to
produce universal binaries containing both 32- and 64-bit code.  No
commitment, however.


On 2/17/12 6:40 PM, Patrick Flaherty wrote:
> Hi,
> Do we know for sure yet whether or not there will be a 32 bit version 
> of Java for Mac OSX ?
> Thanks
> Pat

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