Java 7 for Mac OSX

Mike Swingler swingler at
Sun Feb 19 09:32:13 PST 2012

On Feb 19, 2012, at 6:30 AM, Paul Hohensee wrote:

> We hope to ship 7u4 native libraries as universal binaries containing only
> 64-bit code instead of pure 64-bit binaries

I don't understand the distinction here: there is no such thing as a "pure 64-bit binary" that is different from a "universal binary containing only 64-bit" on Mac OS X. The Mach-o file format always specifies the architecture of the executable text, and it has always had the accommodation for multiple architectures even back to the NeXT days.

Please don't use the "universal" terminology, unless you are actually referring to a binary with more than one architecture. Often it is easier to just refer to either 32 or 64-bit, implying Intel-only, since "universal" is a bit of a marketing term which was introduced during the PPC to Intel transition.

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