Application classpath and tools.jar

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Mon Feb 20 02:52:56 PST 2012

> I will have to go back and verify a little more carefully that ClassPath key changes aren't being recognized like I thought they weren't. Although _I thought_ I printed out the java.class.path I was running with and they weren't there. 
> Since I'm not sure what the source for Greg's JavaAppLauncher actually looks like, did he change this plist key value as well?
> The other possibility there might be that while the jars in $JAVAROOT were included automatically I also tried including folders in classpath. These were what I tried to add a ClassPath plist entry for. This was to use classpath loading of script (AppleScript,JRuby,Rhino) files as well as StringTemplate templates. Folders might get ignored?

Sorry to reply to my own but to update what seems to be actual circumstances.
This actually appears to have both difficulties. 
The directory additions to JavaVM (aka $JAVAROOT) are ignored. Trying to include plist entries external to the app bundle to pick them up also failed.
I looked back at the changeset and found what appears to be the actual launcher code used in the main.m off of the appbundler directory. 

First there appears to be no support for any plist key changing classpath?
Second, folders added to the JavaVM (aka $JAVAROOT) directory do look to be ignored by this...
   for (NSString *file in javaDirectoryContents) {
        if ([file hasSuffix:@".jar"]) {
            [classPath appendFormat:@":%@/%@", javaVMPath, file];

Is this really the application launcher code that is going to be used? 

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