Custom JRE help?

Brad Lowe bhlowe at
Mon Feb 20 12:15:11 PST 2012

Hi Group,

I have a Mac/Win application written in Java that uses Eclipse's SWT.

Rewriting it in C++ just to avoid the "This application needs a Java
runtime.. do you want to install one now?" dialog is not a financially
viable option. But with Lion not including Java and Mountain Lion's
gatekeeper, I want to start thinking of creative ways to get around
some of the warnings that might prevent users from even starting my

I'm thinking having a stripped down OpenJDK JRE built that simply runs
my app included in my application bundle. Hopefully this can be done
legally and at a reasonable size (10-50Mb?)

Also, my app crashes in OpenJDK--sometimes before fully starting,
sometimes it runs well for minutes.. The Apple crash reporter dialog
comes up, but I don't know if those make it back to the development
team.. I can post them on OpenJDK Bugzilla, but I don't have the C++
skills to debug.

The app itself is 32bit, Java 1.4 technology that was recently
converted to 1.5 for the programming benefits. Let me know (offline at
bhlowe /at/ if you are interested in helping debug or have
ideas on a custom JRE... The app is an iTunes companion application.

Thanks in advance for any ideas...

- Brad

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