Java 7 for Mac OSX

Mike Swingler swingler at
Tue Feb 21 16:52:31 PST 2012

On Feb 21, 2012, at 4:37 PM, Gregg Wonderly wrote:

> I guess I've always written Java with a different goal in mind.  For me, I've never had any issues with portability between Java SE releases.  For years, I've used the same Jar files with the same apps in them across multiple Java releases and never had any problems.   I've done Jini based applications that work just fine.  I've done extensive Swing based applications that work just fine.  I use the same javax.comm distribution for windows from Java 1.2 days and it still continues to function just fine on windows.

Who is your customer base? Do they report bugs to you about deploying your app in a Jar? Virtually no Mac users would recognize a Jar file as an app.

> I've only recently (3 years or so) been developing on the Mac, but still, the same Java Jar files sitting on my desktop can be double clicked, and they just work.  Granted, when I came to the Mac, I needed to set the system property to get the menubar to work correctly on the Mac (what's up with that anyway?)

Unfortunately, using the screen menu bar on the Mac means opt-ing into TCK-spec breaking behavior. We could never ship the screen menu bar on by default without changing the compliance tests themselves. It's nice you haven't noticed the incompatibilities.

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