Review request for 7124262: [macosx] Drag events go to a wrong child.

Sergey Bylokhov sergey.bylokhov at
Wed Feb 22 09:13:49 PST 2012

22.02.2012 21:51, Alexander Zuev wrote:
> Hello,
>   please review my fix for bug 7124262: [macosx] Drag events go to a 
> wrong child.
>   Bug description is 
>   Webrev can be found here:
I guess that old method code can be moved to LWWindowPeer? What about 
Why we need this import?
import java.awt.peer.WindowPeer;

!winPeer.equals(this) could be replaced with !=?
>   We are incorrectly registering DropTarget listener in the 
> LWComponentPeer even if peer is not the LWWindowPeer
> and because of that we are overriding the listener created for the 
> window itself so all the events come to the last added
> AWT component.
> With best regards,
> Alexander Zuev

Best regards, Sergey.

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