Java 7 for Mac OSX

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Feb 22 10:32:02 PST 2012

>> Agreed, I think the JDK team has been and continues to be very serious about it. I wonder what you mean by "server" apps though -- application servers and the like? Those typically require a full JDK anyway because they require a compiler, but in my descriptions about "app deploy" I'm really just talking about consumer applications deployed to desktops.
> Application servers and more. Anything that listens on a network port and services a request
> and consumes and parses bytes from the external request.
> The floating point parsing bug and the beast ssl hack are examples of what can happen.
> Yes, I knew (and said) you were talking about pure desktop apps. I just wanted to point out there
> is another class of app that may bundle a JRE (or JDK) but still can have JDK security issues to contend with.

Yes, definitely.


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