Java 7 for Mac OSX

Sandro Sabatini sabax at
Thu Feb 23 07:25:41 PST 2012

>> The JDK of course is another story, since developer needs are different from consumers. You can have multiple system wide JDK's installed, but only the latest system wide JRE will work for web deploy.
> On this point, I'd say that your IDE should contain it's own JDK. In the common case, there may be no reason at all to install a "system" JDK, unless you wanted to use a newer (or older) JDK than what your IDE was bundled with.

I absolutely like to have an older JDK installed than that one that is bundled with the IDE because I want to compile (using ANT) with the Java version the target system is running (Mike, your qualified whole app/middleware/runtime/OS stack in a virtual machine). Currently, this target system runs still JRE 1.5, though. :-( ;-)

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