Request for review: 7144063: [macosx] Swing JMenu mnemonic doesn't work; hint misleading; cross symbol typed

Alexander Zuev alexander.zuev at
Fri Feb 24 05:19:39 PST 2012


   the new version of webrev can be found here:

   It also includes the fix for "push-to-enter feature not working on 
Russian locale (and any other locale which has decimal delimeter other 
than '.')" - thanks Leonid for crafting the solution.

   Please consider reviewing this fix if possible.

With best regards,
Alexander Zuev

On 2/17/12 22:09, Leonid Romanov wrote:
> Well, I've investigated this issue a bit.  To begin with, getOSXMajorVersion() doesn't work with Russian locale. Basically, this function converts OS version represented as a string, for example, "10.7", into a double value. The reason why it fails with Russian locale is because Russian locale uses "," as a decimal separator.
> On 17.02.2012, at 21:47, Leonid Romanov wrote:
>> Another thing to note is that we autorepeat pressed key even when press-and-hold popup is being displayed. This not how it works in native apps: if you press and hold a key in TextEdit, you'll immediately get press-and-hold popup
>> and there won't be any autorepeats.
>> On 17.02.2012, at 21:28, Scott Kovatch wrote:
>>> I haven't applied your patch, but I noticed this too. Looks like we need another bug for that.
>>> The right arrow 'works' in that the cursor gets moved ahead one character, but then the input method immediately deletes the character and replaces it with the new candidate character.
>>> -- Scott
>>> On Feb 17, 2012, at 8:55 AM, Alexander Zuev wrote:
>>>> Thanks Leonid,
>>>> with this option it works - kind of strange - but the same way with or without my fix. It is possible to
>>>> select variant from popup using mouse and numbers and with arrows - that's a little bit different
>>>> story - for some reason left arrow (but not right one) being also translated to the TextArea so cursor
>>>> starts moving and we will have that letter inserted in the wrong place.
>>>> However this is not being affected by my fix - it works the same way with or without it.
>>>> With best regards,
>>>> Alex
>>>> On 2/17/12 16:13, Leonid Romanov wrote:
>>>>> Try this in terminal window:
>>>>> defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool true
>>>>> On 17.02.2012, at 17:54, Alexander Zuev wrote:
>>>>>> On 2/16/12 19:15, Mike Swingler wrote:
>>>>>>> One more to try: "press-and-hold" in Lion: if you hold down the "e" key, and then use the mouse, arrow keys, or number keys to select the variant.
>>>>>> Looks like i need a step-by-step instruction here - i were unable to do it in TextEdit app on 10.7.3 machine with any language that has variants of 'e' letter. Once i hold down the e it starts autorepeating. Moving mouse or using arrow keys do not help much. Any option i have to turn on for that?
>>>>>> With best regards,
>>>>>> Alex

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