Dropping 32-bit support (was Branches)

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 23:54:42 PST 2012

> It is also perfectly plausible to build 32/64 Universal, and then use "lipo" on built Mach-o products to strip out the architecture you don't need/want/support in a post-build step.


> I think it's also a good idea to brainstorm/document some ways to strip down a JRE for developers who are bundling the runtime inside their app. Shipping only the JRE (instead the JDK) and thinning the Mach-o binaries is a good start, but are there tools or well known procedures for trimming rt.jar? Obviously this gets easier once Jigsaw becomes available, but before then many developers will want to deploy on OpenJDK 7.

yes and time is running fast. Java 6 will be soon EOL and OpenJDK 7
should came (on OSX and others platforms) in a stable shape soon.

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