AppBundler: wrong working directory

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at
Wed Feb 29 05:11:58 PST 2012

> I think it's important to have the same behavior between JDK6 and JDK7 so that there is no need to rewrite my application.

I don't personally think we can or should guarantee that, especially if the correct (i.e. standard cross-platform) behavior for apps is to set the working directory to user.home at startup (note that I have not yet verified this).

> The current JavaAppLauncher from Apple (JDK6) provides the possibility to set the working directory in the plist-file. That's a good solution. So in my opinion you should extend the ant task in this direction…

You may actually be able to do this already by setting the user.dir property in your build script:

<option value="-Duser.dir=…"/>

I haven't tried it myself but I would be curious to know if it works for you.


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