[7u4] Request for review for 7153735: [macosx] Text with diacritics is pasted with broken encoding

Alexander Zuev alexander.zuev at oracle.com
Mon Mar 26 06:28:16 PDT 2012


   i did, but then it would be inconsistent with what is done with the 
PLATFORM_SRC definition
and will probably cause some misunderstanding of why it happened this 
way. Defining of the platform-specific
things in platform-specific makefiles is the way to go for me.

With best regards,

On 3/26/12 17:09, Artem Ananiev wrote:
> Hi, Alex,
> did you consider defining $(PLATFORM_PROPERTIES) in Defs.gmk to 
> $(PLATFORM_SRC)/lib by default and then overriding it in 
> Defs-macosx.gmk to $(BUILDDIR)/../src/macosx/lib?
> Thanks,
> Artem
> On 3/25/2012 12:20 AM, Alexander Zuev wrote:
>> Hello,
>> please review my fix for CR 7153735: [macosx] Text with diacritics is
>> pasted with broken encoding
>> The cause of the bug is that we are using flavormap.properties file
>> specific for Solaris OS and for Mac OS X
>> it should slightly differ. As i'm sure that problems like that will
>> occur time to time the best way to deal with
>> them all is to create the macosx-specific set of .property files in
>> src/macosx/lib and to modify the makefiles
>> so we can define where to get properties files on every platform without
>> redefining the PLATFORM_SRC variable.
>> The bug description:
>> http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7153735
>> Webrev with proposed fix:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kizune/7153735/webrev.00/
>> With best regards,
>> Alex

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