Oracle Licence and Apple AppStore violation

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Wed Mar 28 05:52:09 PDT 2012

On Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:57:20 +0200, Stephen Bannasch  
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> At 12:04 PM +0200 3/28/12, Tobias Bley wrote:
>> Hi Mario,
>> oh I know, but what's about an redistributable JRE?
> You have to build it yourself with the OpenJDK code.
> Oaracle's licensing prevents you from re-distributing or modifying a  
> JRE/JDK from Oracle.

I think that you can also just take the OpenJDK binaries, manipulate them  
(e.g. you were talking of stripping PPC code) and redistribute (together  
with the code - e.g. a script - that you used to do the manipulation). I  
mean, in function of what you need, you don't necessarily have to rebuild  
 from sources. The important thing is that the modified JRE is  
redistributed as a separate artifact under the GPL+CPE license.

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