Oracle Licence and Apple AppStore violation

Jeff Palmer jcpalmer at
Wed Mar 28 12:56:40 PDT 2012

This reminds me of problems XMLVM had with OpenJDK and the iOS store.  I do
not know if the mac store will be the same, but I looked over a whole set of
message from a year ago & here was their problem (I am grabbing some stuff
from others & I am not a lawyer):

- iOS store requires static linking.
- The freedoms that come with the lgpl apply to anyone, not just the devs.
anyone must have the ability to exchange the lgpl portion of an app with a
newer version.

Even if the mac store does not require static linking, if the second bullet
is really true, what does that mean for bundling?

I am using JWS, due to the distributed nature of my application
(interdependent code / db across desktop, server, android).  Bundling would
mean large bandwidth requirements during upgrade, that would not be

Tiny little XMLVM just punted by switching to Harmony, but that is not going
to be possible here.

On 3/28/12 4:34 AM, "Tobias Bley" <tobi at> wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I just read the Oracle licence for JavaSE and noticed that you are not allowed
> to modify the redistributable. The problem is: When you want to bundle the
> OpenJDK7 inside your mac app to submit to the AppStore you have to modify the
> JRE...stripping out PPC code....signing...and so on.
> So in my opinion there is no legal way to use the new OpenJDK7 for bundled mac
> applications :)?
> Best regards,
> Tobi

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