How to properly uninstall Java 6 on OSX?

Claudio Nieder private at
Tue Feb 4 09:07:33 PST 2014


it seems like Apple does not support Java 1.6 on Mavericks anymore, it is still at 1.6.0_65, the latest security updates of 1.6.0_71 are not available for OSX 10.9.

Thus I would like to get rid of Java 6, but last time I tried to remove anything Java like except for what I had in /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7* resulted in problems even with Java 7, I probably removed more than I should have to and deleted some library or framework needed by Java 7, and thus had to reinstall Java 6. 

So what is the recommended way to uninstall Java 6 from Mavericks? Is there any utility one can execute?

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