constraints on resizable windows

Alan Snyder javalists at
Mon Feb 10 08:47:28 PST 2014

I’m looking at the following code in LWWindowPeer. Why is the minimum/maximum size obeyed only if it is explicitly set (as opposed to computed)?

    public void updateMinimumSize() {
        final Dimension min;
        if (getTarget().isMinimumSizeSet()) {
            min = getTarget().getMinimumSize();
            min.width = Math.max(min.width, MINIMUM_WIDTH);
            min.height = Math.max(min.height, MINIMUM_HEIGHT);
        } else {
            min = new Dimension(MINIMUM_WIDTH, MINIMUM_HEIGHT);

        final Dimension max;
        if (getTarget().isMaximumSizeSet()) {
            max = getTarget().getMaximumSize();
            max.width = Math.min(max.width, getLWGC().getMaxTextureWidth());
            max.height = Math.min(max.height, getLWGC().getMaxTextureHeight());
        } else {
            max = new Dimension(getLWGC().getMaxTextureWidth(),

        platformWindow.setSizeConstraints(min.width, min.height, max.width, max.height);

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