AppleScript script engine

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Thu Feb 13 17:49:36 PST 2014

Is the AppleScript engine no longer not even the default one but no longer shipped?
My HalfPipe application has some launch dependencies on it being there. It was throwing NPE's apparently not getting the engine.
I stuck in some code to list out available engines and get…

ScriptEngineFactory Info
	Factory class:class us.hall.scripting.RhinoScriptEngineFactory
	Script Engine:Rhino JavaScript Script Engine (1.0.0)

	Engine Alias: javascript
	Engine Alias: js
	Engine Alias: mozrhino
ScriptEngineFactory Info
	Factory class:class org.jruby.embed.jsr223.JRubyEngineFactory
	Script Engine:JSR 223 JRuby Engine (1.7.4)

	Engine Alias: ruby
	Engine Alias: jruby
ScriptEngineFactory Info
	Factory class:class com.sun.script.javascript.RhinoScriptEngineFactory
	Script Engine:Mozilla Rhino (1.7 release 3 PRERELEASE)

	Engine Alias: js
	Engine Alias: rhino
	Engine Alias: JavaScript
	Engine Alias: javascript
	Engine Alias: ECMAScript
	Engine Alias: ecmascript

No AppleScript?

Michael Hall

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